Health Consulting and Dark Field Microscopy is for you if:

  • What you are doing isn't working!
  • You are interested in a NEW perspective!
  • You are ready for simple and dynamic change in your health!

So how do you get in the way of yourself?

Let me show you how! Did you know that:

  • Disturbed sleep could be a result of the foods you eat?
  • “Normal” is 2 to 3 full bowel movements per day?
  • Your age is not an excuse for feeling poorly?
  • Hair loss is connected to your hormones and your belly?
  • Anxiety and panic can simply be high sugars and salts?
  • Energy and libido are possible?

And did you also know that:

  • The sclera (whites of eyes) indicates where your primary stumbling block is?
  • Your fingernails report your mineral deficiencies, digestive and cardiovascular health?
  • Many health problems can be supported by using modalities that focus on the myofascial/visceral tissue?

I will help you put the pieces of your puzzle together! Simplify, balance and restore your well-being.