About the Sessions

The actual coaching structure means that client and coach meet once per week either in person or on the phone. Each session is approximately 60 minutes long. Brief interim support is available upon request or if needed.

Our sessions are focused conversation aimed at supporting you, the client, in making clear decisions and initiating change in your life. The environment is safe and honorable respectfully creating the opening for you to speak truth and be curious about what awaits you.

Safe does not always mean comfortable! Conscious and deliberate redesigning of life as you are living it primarily requires the desire to do so followed by the level of commitment required to achieve the anticipated results. Focused intention is the catalyst for making a difference for you. What is your level of intent? And if not, WHY not?


About the Sessions


  • LISTENING – Do you feel like that no one listens when you talk? I hear you.
  • INTUITION - What you say and what you are really saying are sometimes different. I listen for the tangibles and the intangibles, the conscious and the unconscious nuances to bring clarity to the elusive pieces.
  • CURIOSITY - What will change your game? Curious questioning evokes personal exploration. All answers are the right ones that lead you to self-discovery and decision making.
  • MOVING FORWARD AND DEEPENING – Authenticity, connection, aliveness and courage bring levity to your deepening process. Getting into action, staying in action and learning from your action are what being human is all about. Are you addicted to inaction?
  • SELF-MANAGEMENT – Being accountable is a powerful catalyst. By reframing your perspective, the new vantage point makes even the most challenging goals seem less daunting.

"YOU are naturally creative and resourceful!"