Dark Field Microscopy or Live Blood Cell Analysis

Dark Field microscopy or Live Blood Cell Analysis is a method in both light and electron microscopy, in which the field around the specimen (i.e. where there is no specimen to scatter the beam) is generally dark. Dark field permits diversion of light rays and illumination from the side so that all details appear light against a dark background. The diversion of light allows a greater amount of depth and detail to present.

The advantages of Dark Field Microscopy:

  • Reveals the properties of individual blood cells
  • Indicates nutritional conditions that may adversely affect health
  • Detects the imbalances within the milieu sooner than other methods

This unique form of observation views blood immediately under high magnification where the quality, behavior and condition of red and white blood cells, along with other co-inhabitants of the milieu, reveal the degrees of balances and imbalances. It is dynamic in its holographic revelation of what lurks within and is highly beneficial for initiating specific change using targeted applications of nutrition.

The Basics of Dark Field

Thomas Riddick, a chemist and engineer, wrote a brilliant book called “Control of Colloid Stability Through Zeta Potential”. Zeta potential is determined by the pH, the concentration of biochemistry in liquid and the electrolyte concentration. This is used as a measure of the ability of the specific medium to conduct electricity or in other words, it determines how your biological chemistry works or does not work.

Colloids have the ‘urge to merge’ in order to balance the milieu of the blood and are dependent on the ionic mobility and the zeta potential. Numbers of factors affect the microbial developments within the terrain, including alcohol and sugars produced as a result of dietary, environmental and emotional stimuli.

Your Blood

The ability of your blood to sustain under the microscope is reflective of your constitution within. Blood may either deteriorate or improve under direct observation. Dark Field provides the opportunity to identify the influencing factors in relationship to your lifestyle. It is the opportunity to intercept the path you are on and is in support of regaining control of what may be gaining strength within.

Silent Clots

Dr. James Privitera’s book “Silent Clots – Life’s Biggest Killers” outlines that Dark Field microscopy or Live Blood Analysis can determine clotting far before it becomes life threatening. By observing aggregation or agglutination of platelets and red blood cells, diminished zeta potential can be identified and averted when focused interception is initiated. Just as blood reveals alkalinity and acidity or anionic and cationic tendencies, urine and saliva can be used in conjunction with unraveling the state of imbalance. Blood pH is perfect at 7.36. Urine and Saliva are indicative of blood pH and should each be 6.4, slightly acidic as opposed to the marketplace representation.

The body sees the blood pH as the first priority therefore extracts buffering elements from bones, teeth, tissue, and muscle to accommodate deficiencies. Imbalances are actually the body doing everything within its wisdom to keep you alive. Dark Field Microscopy is a powerful tool to avert potentially degenerative conditions.

Interestingly, Edgar Cayce, who was known as the “sleeping prophet” in the 1930’s, predicted that the evaluation of one drop of blood would be extremely valuable in determining the state of one’s health. With the brilliance of such scientists as Royal Rife, Gaston Naessans, Dr. Gunther Enderlein, and Ed Skilling, electo-medicinal technology has taken a powerful leap and shows much promise to positively affect the behavior of the blood.


Ed Skilling has been particularly impressive and leads the way with alternative technology that focuses on facilitating all bodily functions including actions needed for health maintenance, healing and regeneration. He uses life-nourishing photobiotic energy to strengthen the immune system safely, easily and effectively by balancing all fluids of the body, including the lymph system. Significant and remarkable change can be observed in blood.