Maureen's Testimonials

From Jennifer

"I have known Maureen for close to 25 years. Aside from the fact, that she is a wonderful friend, her special gift of connection with other realms helped me when a favorite aunt of mine was passing. Through her intuitive gift, I was able to connect with my aunt shortly before her death, in this realm. Her knowledge of my aunt's impending death, also cleared the way for healing in the family. I am forever grateful."

From Bill

"Over the years I have had many Intuitive Readings, using Tarot cards, from a number of skilled practioners. Then I met Maureen and became aware that she is in a class all by herself for which I am extremely grateful."

From Janie

"I had no motivation to go to the gym so had to look at other ways to lose the weight I put on while going to school.

Over a four month period I dropped 33 pounds, and didn't exercise! Don't get me wrong! Exercise is an important part of having and maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit. Now I bring a "healthier me" to exercise instead of the only goal being to lose weight.

How did I learn? I connected with Maureen and learned how to choose the right foods and supplements to transform my body. We created a plan and I stuck to it.

From Dusty

"While other coaches approached my re-occuring blocks with traditional methods, Maureen connected to my soul and ask insightful questions that let me to see what I truly needed to move forward.

From Christa

"Maureen exudes integrity, professionalism, compassion, brilliance, and heart in everything that she does.

I would recommend Maureen to anyone who is looking to hire an Ontological Life Coach to work with them to realize their fullest potential and create possibilities beyond their wildest dreams."

From Pam

“Just a note to thank you again and let you know I am constantly using the skills you provided me with during our life coaching sessions. I really value this new knowledge and find it helps me in my daily living. The work we did together was so beneficial and rewarding because now, if I feel myself sinking into a less than positive place, I am able to recognize my old patterns and quickly turn my thoughts around.

Whenever I can, I tell others what a great experience it is to work with a life coach. I describe it as a tune-up, which we all need from time to time. Your respect and empathetic listening made me feel completely comfortable during the process. I truly felt supported.”