Coaching Designed For Women

On Purpose: deliberately, intentionally, purposely, by design, willfully, knowingly, consciously, of one's own volition, expressly, specifically, especially.

Power: the ability to do, be or act in a particular way, capacity, directive

Potential: possible, probable, inherent, undeveloped, promise, capability, capacity.

Possibility: the state or fact of being likely or possible; may be chosen.


Living your life for others? Sitting in the shadows of unfulfilled dreams?

Single, married, divorced, menopausal, or just ready for change? Questioning who you are and what you are about? Is what you are 'up' to feeding your being and sense of self?

As woman, you are brilliant, powerful and influential in all that you do. Women are the foundation - you make a difference even when you aren't feeling it. Women are acutely aware of what exists between the lines of life and have the inherent ability to move mountains. It's true. It is TIME to step boldly into your life!

  • Update your relationship to you!
  • Update your relationship to your world!
  • Let your heart speak like it has never spoken before!
  • Empower who you have become... for you are incredible!
  • Trust the process - all parts are good parts!


  • Brings voice to the unspokens!
  • Clears the way for powerful and dynamic change!
  • Embraces insightful and integral action!
  • Makes a difference!

I offer you a safe space to redesign your life. I offer you the clinical expertise and understanding to support your biological and emotional transition. I offer this with the guarantee that you will never look back!