Life Changing

Ontological Life Coaching is the study of being. Life can be challenging and requires continual readjustments in our relationship to both self and our environment. This unique coaching protocol facilitates the expression and manifestation of the power and potential that is truly you… your essence self.

Ontological coaching focuses on 'being' before 'doing'. It is based on self-awareness, which includes language, body, sensing, thinking, emotions, moods, relationships, and what it means to learn. It also pre-supposes the idea of Oneness as the unchanging ground of self-awareness.

Where are you and where do you wish to be? How do you get in the way of yourself? So if you changed how you are being in your life/situation, how easy would it be? Who you are being affects where you are going.

  • The door to self-awareness
  • The ability to evolve to what's next
  • The key ingredient to successfully navigating change
  • Lasting change
  • Movement beyond results to possibility
  • New possibilities in both thinking and acting

AS COACH - It is the opportunity to add speed and power to your personal evolution. Coaching is action based therefore views the past as access to your breakthroughs to creating future. A coach is a reflection and reminder of your greatness, facilitating movement into your full potential through the use of projects, requests, commitments and actions. Intent plus action equals results!

AS CLIENT - It is the opportunity to realize that you are already healthy and whole. The sessions provide the safe haven to be listened to and actually heard. As client, it is getting out of the way of what’s holding you back by providing new skills and tools geared specifically for you. You will feel acknowledged, empowered and in motion!