Maureen Fontaine

Maureen Fontaine

Certified Darkfield Microscopist, Health & Wellness Consultant, Spiritual Intuitive & Ontological Life Coach, B.Ed, Master Herbalist, Instructor – Pacific Rim College

I am committed and passionate about the beautiful art form called Live Blood Analysis (LBA). I have a thriving LBA, Ontological Coaching and Spiritual Intuitive practice in Victoria BC. I continue to be in awe of the valuable information that LBA offers and am dedicated to making this available to aspiring microscopists and clients so that all may experience its many insights and benefits.

A major focus in my work with clients is diet, detoxification and lifestyle. Food is medicine and is 80% responsible for our healthy or unhealthy state. Understanding food sourcing and choosing responsibly is paramount for accomplishing health goals. Keeping it simple is both doable and rewarding!

Bachelor in Education: A background in Education, specializing with Autistic, ADD & gifted children ignited passion for optimizing cognitive & behavioral states of being. Food and diet were the focus in a united effort with the University of Alberta and the Autistic School to improve the potentials within challenged children and their families by changing the culture of food within the household. Those who participated realized wonderful and notable results.

Live Blood Analysis:  Using Darkfield Microscopy plus OST (dry blood) or Coagulation Morphology, insight into the anomalies within the blood offers a unique vantage point. Studies include that of Michael Coyle (California), Dr. Alexander Beddoe DDS (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization), Dr. Okker Botha ND (South Africa) & Dr. Eddy Betterman MD (Malaysia). A Five-day LBA and Coagulation Morphology Training Courses is available.

Master Herbalist:  I studied at the Alpine College in Salmon Arm, BC under the tutelage of Yarrow Alpine. I initially took the course to enhance my knowledge of indigenous plants as medicine and continued on to assist with teaching the course over a four-year period. The power of herbs for detoxification and foundational healing is quintessential to our health picture.

Ontological Life Coach:  Life Coaching explores our relationship with the world and ourselves and embraces personal growth from a unique perspective. I graduated from the Accomplishment Coaching Seattle Program in 2010 and use its methodology with both health and coaching clients. The focus is on reformatting the underlying belief systems that interfere with our goals. Our state of ‘being’ is all encompassing, nurturing growth and expansion on all levels. Coaching ignites our innate power and potential by opening us to possibility with a powerhouse of tools and structure.

Spiritual Intuitive: Our emotional and spiritual connectedness impacts the organic nature of cells. Intuitive Readings unravel the unspoken information within, the intangibles and unconscious nuances of the body, mind and spirit. Readings are practical, directive and inspirational. As the blood speaks a language of its own, the body’s discomforts are messages that hold much value.

Instructor at Pacific Rim College: Classes focus on the Toxicity of Food and student clinics. It is a joy to share in the enthusiasm of young minds!

Lecturing, Writing and Instructing: My experience encompasses Health and Wellness lecturing & training nationwide, Patient Seminars, Focus Study Groups, & article contributions to popular health magazines.

I served as Educational Director for a well-known Nutraceutical company over a five-year period. This involved traveling across Canada teaching product knowledge and the benefits of eating clean healthy foods in support of optimal health. Presentations at large health shows was included as part of my job description.

Clinic Experience: Consultant at a private alternative health facility, over an eight-year period that offered support to those with significant health issues, with extensive focus on cancer. My position required a strong knowledge base of diet adjustments and remedies necessary to circumvent symptoms and optimize health.

Athletic Community: I participated with the natural bodybuilding industry offering a clinical perspective to athletes & served as a Provincial Natural Bodybuilding Judge for numbers of years. I have prepared hundreds of meal plans for aspiring athletes to support their athletic pursuits. My own involvement as an athlete was most beneficial.